Veronica Graves



I help clients clearly see and create their life stories from a perspective of love and appreciation.
I believe love and appreciation is our natural inheritance.
However, we must be able to see clearly the gift of our lives our experiences.
To recognize and attract all the forms of love we desire, we must first love ourselves.
Love for yourself is not selfish, quite the contrary.  You and I simply cannot share what we do not express or possess.

People sometimes get in the way of their own happiness.
When we cannot see or feel the source of love in our life or work, our creative spark fizzles out; life feels hard.
Numbed to love, it is tempting to judge ourselves or others for our hardships.
It feels hard to view life from any perspective where we are blinded to love and all of its possibilities.
The great news is, we can also get out of our own way!

I help clients dissolve mental tension and self-defeating perceptions through thought inquiry.
I help clients find their mental “blind spots”… the thinking that habitually drives them into the same undesirable relationships, behaviors, or situations.
We all have blind spots– all of us. Recognizing and addressing a blind spot is a wonderful opportunity!
When a blind spot is cleared, energy is released to be used towards the joyful creation of one’s dreams.
When you can clearly see your way to take your next courageous step, the road will rise to meet you!

I help clients dissolve emotional tension and become friends with their bodies through mind/body awareness.
Our bodies express and store our emotions.  As the saying goes, “The issues are in the tissues.”
Emotions are not our enemy; emotions are a gold-mine of intuitive wisdom.
So the body is a rich source of information, filled with amazing “A-HA’s!”
Unchecked, emotional tension held in the body can lead to burning-out, numbing-out, or dropping-out.
Sometimes our response to chronic emotional or physical stress is to act as slave or tyrant to our bodies.
We might goad our bodies to stop, go, or just-please-be-quiet through the use of food or drugs.
In the long, this cannot be sustained.
There is a better way!
I LOVE working with clients to establish a friendly dialogue with their bodies.
I help clients understand the voice of their body, respond harmoniously, and realize marvelous benefit!

I help clients engage their imaginations for greater benefit through creative inquiry.
You have the power to rewrite the story of your life.
You can use your imagination and intention to redesign your future.
You may shift your attention and understanding to recognize the wonderous gifts of your past.
(As author Tom Robbins wrote, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.”)
Your story, old and new, is uniquely yours.
Where do you begin? How do you engage the full power of your imagination to serve your highest and best interests?
Life is offering you clues, everywhere, all of the time.
I work with clients through the use of metaphor.
We use dream analysis, simile… all sorts of marvelous tools of metaphor!
Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” It’s more fun, too!

I am a Martha Beck Institute Certified Life Coach, and Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

I began teaching yoga in 2004, and launched my life coaching practice in 2011.

My lead life coach teacher, Martha Beck, is a Harvard PhD, New York Times best-selling author, and monthly columnist/contributor to “O” Oprah Magazine.

In addition, I have informally studied personal growth and the works of countless wisdom keepers for over thirty years.  I am a geek for all things personal growth, wellness, and the mind/body/spirit connection.

I began practicing yoga in 1999, and have studied and practiced with exceptional teachers, locally and internationally.  My teaching has evolved to a gentle, restorative style, informed primarily by, but not exclusively from, the lineage of Iyengar yoga.

I have taught yoga throughout the city of Dallas, including: corporate yoga (Gulfstream, Hunt Oil, The W Hotel Residences, and more), in private sessions, and for YMCAs, The Equinox, Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, The Tower Spa, The Texas Club, Addison Yoga, and Priya Yoga.

Prior to life coaching and teaching yoga, I have been an Account Executive for several corporations, including:  Microsoft, SmithKlineBeechman Pharmaceuticals, and two of the top four performance marketing companies (Maritz, Inc. and ITAGroup).



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