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Perspective & Perception

I believe it our natural inheritance to be happy.

However, there is a catch.

We must be conscious stewards of our most valuable resources:  our bodies, minds and imaginations.

People sometimes get in the way of their own happiness.

When we can no longer see the way to our happiness, it is tempting to judge ourselves or others.

This makes live feel hard, and we can lose our creative spark.

It feels hard to view life from this perspective.

As a yoga therapist and teacher, I notice how people’s constricted thoughts and perceptions result in contracted and inflexible bodies.

Unchecked, tense bodies and minds can ultimately lead to burning-out, numbing-out, or dropping-out.

I help clients dissolve mental tension and self-defeating perceptions through thought inquiry.

I help clients dissolve emotional tension and become allies with their bodies through mind/body awareness.

I am also an artist, just for the joy of it.

I am learning creative play is not just an indulgence, it is necessary to keep the imagination healthy.

I notice clients unconsciously using the power of their imaginations in self-defeating ways.

I help clients engage their imaginations for greater benefit through creative inquiry.

I believe everyone is an artist, in one way or another.

Anything can be done artfully, even a spreadsheet, if that’s your thing.

I agree with author and business blogger Seth Godin, who equates work—any kind of work—with art.


Your job is to make art the best you can, to change the status quo, and to become indispensable. If you burn out along the way, you’re not doing anyone a favor.”

~Seth Godin
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?


The essence of my coaching is to assist clients in appreciating and mastering their most valuable resources:  minds, bodies, and imaginations.