VLife Coaching by Veronica Graves offers Private and Corporate Life Coaching for a Satisfying and Vibrant Life.

Private 1:1 Coaching


Veronica Graves guides clients towards getting un-stuck, and effectively and joyfully moving in the direction of their dreams.

Great life coaching is not advice-giving.  It is personal empowerment.

(Often accompanied by big, wonderful A-HA’s!)

You have all of the resources and wisdom required for your best life.

The key is in artfully accessing your own greatness!

Veronica Graves assists clients in using their own inner wisdom and imagination to create joyful, meaningful, healthier and richer lives.


Initially, you will be assisted in re-calibrating your body compass.

This is the part of you that intuitively knows your best directions for meaning, wellness and success.

In our coaching sessions you will experience and learn tools from several disciplines, including Thought Inquiry, Creative Inquiry and Mind/Body Awareness.

We will be guided by the following principles:

  • Our perceptions create our reality.  We have the power to change our reality by changing our thoughts.
  • We cannot change others, we can only change ourselves.
  • Our bodies and emotions are incredibly useful and accurate guidance systems, when used skillfully and respectfully.  We need to actively listen, and quiet the mind.
  • The heart is here to guide, the mind is here to serve.
  • We can learn and grow from our mistakes, no matter how big.
  • Moving out of our comfort zone, we either win or learn, sometimes both.
  • Our greatest power is rooted in our truth and authenticity.
  • The past is over.  Empowerment is here, now, in the present.

Confidentiality is highest priority.  Everything shared in a coaching session is treated with complete privacy and respect.


Tension is the default response to stress and adversity.

Over time, patterns of tension result in tightening and constriction, both in the body (chronic injury and illness) and mind (thought and perception).

Releasing these chronic patterns requires artful attention and awareness.

This release will be enhanced and sustained, through the skillful use and practice of body compass, thought inquiry, and creative inquiry tools.

After participating in your first full private session with Veronica, if you are not convinced that your life is about to transform to a whole new upgrade, then we will, simply and happily, give you your money back.

How is that for a promise?

Life Coaching with VLife is am amazing, extraordinary, transformative experience that will open whole new paths and possibilities in your life.

It’s that simple.


My clients are smart and competent, and are seeking assistance in improving their lives and reaching their higher potential.

My clients are commonly seeking guidance in the following areas:

  • significant life change or changes
  • chronic tension, stress, anxiety
  • sense of feeling stuck in relationship or circumstance
  • chronic health or wellness challenges
  • unsatisfactory relationship with partner, family member, co-worker, or employer/employee
  • peace with money issues
  • body image
  • feeling of extreme time pressure and conflicting demands
  • feeling of loss of personal vision/dreams


It is my vision that everyone will recognize her/his natural inheritance for a joyful and meaningful life.

It is my personal mission to assist!


Coaching sessions are conducted via phone.

(Note:  I am located in Dallas, TX, USA Central Time Zone)


For optimum results, it is essential that life coach and client are a great match.

I offer a complimentary screening consultation (30 minutes) for new clients.

For more information, email or call:




VLife Coaching by Veronica Graves offers Private and Corporate Life Coaching for a Satisfying and Vibrant Life.